Current – ABC

Supremely compact industry leading high bay fixture with switchable lumens that range from 10,000 to 48,000 lumens.

Certolux – MBH1

Comfortable ambient lighting with dynamic or static circadian lighting options.

ERCO – Beamer

Precision spotlights providing a new level of sophistication to indoor and outdoor spaces.


Interior and exterior monochromatic and color changing accent lighting.

CSL – Cylinders

Powerful and stylish architectural cylinders offered in a wide selection of finishes.

Soltech – Satelis

Equipped with powerful solar panels and the ability to withstand extreme weather and harsh environments.

Sonneman – Systems

Stunning interconnected arrangements of elements with limitless possibilities.

TMS – Disco

Unique space defining large pendant offered in custom & 14 standard finishes.

Besa – Lotus

Industrial style pendant featuring organically “pinched” shape.

Extant Lighting

Sophisticated surface T-grid fixture with innovative Microstructure Edge Tech Optics!

Coronet LED – Ovalo

Narrow architectural performance luminaire, featuring vertical & horizontal mounting options.

Varaluz – Flow

Captivating hand-forged pendant in a rhythmic and organic design!

GEO – Gaya

Transformative elegance in a space defining ceramic pendant!

GE Current – LAD Series

Sophisticated architectural design with gentle curves providing
a fresh new perspective for ceiling landscapes.


Powerful, Sleek, Robust, Highly Adjustable Color Changing Technology
that dramatically enhances the exterior experience.